the secular church 


The Secular Church is a unique space, open to everyone, to find peace and stillness. A one of a kind refuge in the middle of bustling London.

Inspired by churches and temples, but without the religious connotation, The Secular Church induces its visitor into a state of quiet contemplation.


An awe-inspiring design, influenced by the wabi-sabi philosophy of simplicity, organic and natural beauty, explores the simplicity and complexity of human emotions.


Light interacts with shape, transforming it constantly, creating spaces that are inspiring, calming and beautiful.

An architectural expression, that celebrates life, transcending the borders between art, design, and architecture. 


The Secular Church was shortlisted for the RSA Student Awards in 2013, for the brief Speaking of the Spiritual, which called to respond to spirituality in the XXI century.


The secular church was developed around the footprint of an infill space located on Clerkenwell Rd. between Saffron Hill and Hatton Gardens, exploring the idea of successful urban development and repurposing of empty disused urban lots in the centre of the city. 


1. entrance 


2. peripheral corridor


3. main chamber


4. office / sotrage room


5. accesible toilet