the polling station 


The Polling Station Bins were designed as part of a campaign on Villiers St. for the purpose of reducing littering in one of the busiest streets of London.


The purpose was to engage pedestrians through the use of bins with fun political / sports connotations, making them use the bins instead of littering.


Each bin is equipped with a scale, making it easy and fun to compare which is more full. The design and shape of the bins, is simple yet engaging, based on archetypes of bins for easy recognition, while the height adds visibility. The bins open vertically for easy removal of internal bin and storage of a broom and a dust pan.  


During the process, the client (Hubbub) asked to change the political theme (Westminster Council, one of the sponsors, did not allow it). I then presented a new theme based on sports. 


The Polling station bins concept was used by Hubbub as part of their campaign Neat Streets on Villiers St. during the summer of 2015. For funding reasons, the final design was a simplified, less expensive version. 



storage for broom / dustpan 

scale / weight 

scale display window



10 mm compression moulded aluminium body